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Street Trading

Chapters in this topic

  1. Introduction
  2. Apply and pay
  3. Renew
  4. Appeal


You’ll need street trading consent if you want to sell, expose or offer things for sale on the street, unless you’re:

To apply for street trading consent, you’ll need to be 17 or older.

A street trading consent lasts for 12 months. You can surrender your licence at any time.

Before you trade, you may also need to register:


The fee you’ll pay will depend on how long you’re going to be trading or how many stalls you’re going to be using, if you’re trading at an event.

Revoking consent

We may revoke your consent under certain circumstances, including if we believe there isn’t enough room for you to trade without causing an inconvenience.

Alternatively, we may reduce the number of days you can trade on or restrict the description of goods you’re allowed to sell.