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Raise a Community Trigger

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  1. Raise a Trigger
  2. Appeal a trigger

Raise a Trigger

Use this service to ask us to review responses to anti-social behaviour, including vandalism or abusive behaviour.

You can learn more about community triggers, including when to raise one (PDF 143kb).

You can ask us to review responses of anti-social behaviour if:

  • each incident was reported within one month of it happening
  • you’ve reported at least three incidents within the past six months
  • the incidents have involved the same behaviour

You can raise a community trigger online. You’ll need:

  • the date of each incident, including the incident reference number if you have one
  • whereabouts the incident occurred
  • a description of the incident

For alternative ways to raise a community trigger, including by post, visit our contact us page.

We may share the information you’ve provided with other agencies.

What happens next

Once you’re raised a community trigger, we’ll:

  • contact any necessary agencies
  • create a review panel to review the responses to the cases you’ve described
  • contact you to let you know the outcome

We aim to respond to a community trigger within 25 working days. If it takes longer, we’ll let you know.