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Community Safety and Emergencies

Alley gates

Information about alley gates in Swale, including how to replace a key or report a fault.

Anti-social behaviour

Information about anti-social behaviour, including how to report it.

Ask us to review responses to Anti-social Behaviour

Information about raising a case review, which can be used to investigate reports of anti-social behaviour.

Community Safety Partnership

Information about the Community Safety Partnership which helps tackle anti-social behaviour.

Major Emergencies

Information about how to prepare for a major emergency, including floods and power cuts.

Public Spaces Protection Orders

Information about the Public Spaces Protection Orders in place in Swale including restrictions on walking dogs.

Domestic abuse

Advice about what to do if you're affected by domestic violence.


Read about Council operated CCTV in Swale, including how to report a problem.

Modern slavery

Information about modern slavery, including how to spot it and what you can do.

Retailer Shop Radio System - Swale Link

Information about Swale's shop to shop radio system, Swale Link.

Get advice if you're worried about a child or vulnerable adult

Advice about what to do if you're concerned about a child or vulnerable adult.

Quick Exit Button

Advice on how to hide your browsing history, if you think someone is checking what you're looking at.

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