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Assets of Community Value


Individuals and community groups, including parish councils, can nominate a property or land to be included in our list of assets of community value (CSV 5kb). If it’s included in the list, individuals and community groups can bid on it to take over ownership if the landowner decides to dispose of it.

We’ll consider nominations if the land or property is being, or could be, used for the social wellbeing, cultural, recreational or sporting interests of the local community.

Any nomination that’s been included in the list will automatically be removed after 5 years.


If the landowner tells us they want to dispose of their land or property, individuals and community groups have up to 6 weeks to bid on it to take over ownership. The landowner can’t dispose of it during this period.

If we receive a bid in the 6 week period, the bidder and landowner have up to 6 months to agree the transfer of ownership, which could include selling it to the bidder. The landowner can’t dispose of it during those 6 months.

If the bidder and the landowner don’t agree on the transfer within 6 months, the landowner can dispose of the property to whoever they want within 18 months of the date they told us they wanted to dispose of it. We won’t accept any more bids within that 18 month period.

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