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Make a Freedom of Information Request


Under the Freedom of Information Act, you have the right to ask for recorded information held by the Council.  We’ll always try to provide you with the information you’ve asked for but there will be times when we have to refuse because of the type of information that’s been asked for. Examples of when we will refuse include:

  • personal information about yourself or another individual
  • commercially sensitive information

What we’ll publish

We have to publish a Publication Scheme which sets out what information is regularly published.  We also publish sets of data such as the number of caravan sites in Swale and the number of car parks we operate.

You can visit our transparency page for all the data sets that we publish.

Can we charge a fee?

We can only charge a fee for the costs incurred in sending the information, such as:

  • photocopying
  • printing
  • postage
  • if you’ve asked to receive the response in a set format such as on CD

Where information is sent electronically, it is unlikely that a fee would apply.

We can also charge a fee if the cost of dealing with a request would exceed the £450 cost limit  set out in the Freedom of Information Act.

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