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Platinum Jubilee Grant

Swale Borough Council is looking to support communities, local groups and organisations to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  The council can help and is making available £25,000 available for Platinum Jubilee grants with awards of up to £1,000 to Swale community and voluntary organisations

Whilst key celebrations will focus on the four-day holiday form Thursday 2 June to Sunday 5 June 2022 there is opportunity throughout the year to promote and celebrate your own community activities and projects.  If you want to find out what might already be happening on your patch, then contact your local Town or Parish Council and get involved!

There are some ideas on Visit Swale's website but you should check in for regular updates as more information becomes available.

If you want to talk through a project or activity, then contact 01795 41 7399 to discuss further.

The platinum jubilee grant has been oversubscribed and there are no longer any funds available for the scheme so we are no longer taking applications.