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Deep Clean Schedule

Published Friday 5 January, 2024
Last updated on Thursday 22 February, 2024

People will need to move their cars as Swale Borough Council restarts their weekly street deep cleaning programme.

Every year the council works hard to keep Swale clean, whether through street cleaning services, street patrols to pick up litter and emptying litter and dog bins across the borough.

Deep cleans take place on streets that have been identified as needing intensive cleaning and are visited by the council’s contractors who remove litter, leaves and debris, as well as clearing back the edges of weeds.

Residents are asked to move their cars so the street can be cleaned thoroughly, allowing us to reach the areas normally blocked by parked cars.

The first clean of the year took place today (5 January) in Richmond Street in Sheerness from 10:00 to 12:00, followed by Shortlands Road in Sittingbourne next week Thursday, and Nightingale Road in Faversham the following week.

Cllr Rich Lehmann, Chair of the environment committee at the council, said:

“We are kicking off the year to a clean start by getting our deep cleans back underway.

“Our contractors can get stuck in and clear any debris and dirt that we normally can’t get to due to parked cars.

“It is important that residents move their cars on the days we are cleaning their street, your cooperation helps us create and maintain a cleaner and more inviting place to live for all our residents.

“It leads to improved air quality too, as it reduces pollution by removing damaging particulate matter that is deposited into the road by traffic, that can then be recirculated into the air.

“The weekly deep cleans will take place every Thursday between 10am and 12pm and we’ll write to residents to remind them to move their cars while we carry out the work.”

For more information about upcoming deep cleans visit

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