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The Mayor's Office


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Swale are civic mayors which means they’re not elected, instead they’re selected by their peers. The Mayor of Swale represents the Council at events, performing ceremonial duties, and chairs meetings but can’t make council decisions.

The Mayor, who’s official title is the Head and Chief Governor of the Town, has a tradition of being second only to Royalty and the King's Deputy, the Lord Lieutenant, a status which continues to be recognised in the Borough and District Council by Section 3(4) of the Local Government Act 1972.

This high standing at the present time is mainly one of honour and dignity rather than actual legal powers.

The Civic Mace and Armorial Bearings

The Armorial Bearings represent the coat of arms for the borough of Swale and includes symbols of water, a ram and a white horse, each symbolising different aspects of the borough’s history and connections.

The Civic Mace represents the authority of the Mayor in his duties on behalf of the council and includes Latin inscriptions.

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