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Upcoming elections

Leysdown Parish Council By-election

A by-election will be held on Thursday 9 December, 2021 for two parish councillors for Leysdown Parish Council.

Registering to vote

If you're not already registered to vote and you're intending to vote in person, you must register by 12 midnight on Tuesday 23 November, 2021.

If you're intending to vote by post or by proxy, you must apply by:

  • 5pm on Wednesday 24 November if you're intending to vote by post
  • 5pm on Wednesday 1 December if you're intending to vote by proxy
  • 5pm on Thursday 9 December if you're using an emergency proxy vote because you can't get to your polling station because of unforeseen circumstances, including physical incapacity or work

If you're using an emergency proxy, any physical incapacity or work related reasons you can't attend your polling station must have occurred after 5pm on Wednesday 1 December, 2021.

Election notices

You can download the: