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Report an Empty Property

Empty Home

If you own an empty property it could be costing you money, for example lost rental income, increased charges in Council Tax, raised property insurance costs, and the continued outlay for maintenance and repair as the property deteriorates. 

There are many reasons why a property may remain empty, such as a lack of funds for renovation works, legal issues, or finding the option of letting the property too complicated. 

Empty properties can also cause problems to people who live nearby, for example overgrown gardens and vermin, dangerous structures, dumped rubbish, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. 

Different departments within the Council have various legal powers that can be used to tackle problems with empty properties. You can report an empty property by emailing our Empty Homes Officer at

How we can help 

We want to help bring long-term empty properties back into use by working with owners. 

We can help by: 

The 'No Use Empty' Scheme 

We are part of a Kent-wide initiative called No Use Empty, which is run by Kent County Council. The scheme provides useful information and contacts for anyone owning, buying or selling an empty home. 

Loans of up to £25,000 per property are available to help with the cost of works to bring an empty home back into use, subject to certain criteria. 

For more information about the No Use Empty loan scheme, including how to apply, you can visit the No Use Empty website.

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