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Scrap Metal Dealers


You’ll need a scrap metal licence if you buy or sell scrap metal in Swale, including motor salvage, even if you don’t sell it in the same form you bought it.

You can’t accept scrap metal from anyone under the age of 16.

A scrap metal licence lasts for three years. You’ll need a:

  • collectors licence if you collect scrap metal by going from house to house
  • site licence if you have a premises which you use to buy or sell scrap metal, even if you don’t store the metal there

Your licence will only allow you to operate as a scrap metal dealer in Swale. If you are going to work elsewhere, you’ll need to apply for a licence from that Council.

Buying scrap metal

You must not:

  • sell scrap metal for cash
  • accept scrap metal from anyone without verifying their full name and address

Displaying your licence

You must display a:

  • site licence at each premises listed on it, where the public can see it
  • collectors licence in each vehicle you use to collect scrap metal so that anyone outside the vehicle can see it

Records you’ll need to keep

You’ll need to keep certain records of the scrap metal you buy or sell. If you don’t, you could receive a fine.

The records should include:

  • a description of the scrap metal, including its weight
  • the date and  time you received it
  • the full name and address of the person you received it from
  • how much you paid for it or, or how much you sold it for
  • the registration of the vehicle that delivered it

If you process (including melting) or dispatch the metal, you should also keep records of the process you’ve applied and who you’ve dispatched it to.

Before you trade

You may also need to:

  • register for self-employment
  • apply for planning permission or a change of use

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