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Staying Put

Health and safety checks

What is it?

This is a free of charge health and safety check that is carried out by a  experienced officer from Swale borough council.

When would you apply

We find that people generally contact us in one of two situations

  • You might have recently had a large change in your life, such as an illness.  This has highlighted the need for some changes.
  • You’ve lived in your home for a while and you’ve realised that it’s not suited to your needs.

Having an external person come in and suggest some improvements may help you stay in your home.

How to book

To book a health and safety check call the Staying Put team on 01795 417131.

What happens next

One of our team will visit you in your home, and will carry out a thorough check and advise you on what work needs to be done.  If necessary they can refer you on to other schemes that you may benefit from.

Help with paying for the work

We encourage everyone to apply for a grant or loan to help them pay for the work that needs to be done.  We may be able to support you in this process by helping you fill in forms or letting you know if you are eligible for a particular grant or loan.

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