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Street cleaning services

The Council spends around £850,000 a year on street cleaning services - picking up litter dropped by a minority of people.

The service is operated by our contractor Biffa, who carry out regular patrols to clear up litter across the borough’s streets, and empty more than 800 bins across the borough.

Deep clean

As well as the regular patrols, the council is also carrying out a deep clean programme, which has identified 25 streets across the borough which would benefit from a more intensive clean.

Every fortnight this year, a team are visiting the streets to remove litter, leaves and detritus, as well as clearing back the edges of weeds.

Residents are warned in advance that the works will be taking place, so cars can be moved to allow the crews to get to areas usually inaccessible to the regular street cleaning team.

The streets have been identified by experienced contract monitoring officers who have assessed the need for cleaning, usually where car parking is heavy and the area is usually inaccessible to mechanical sweepers.


The council has run a number of initiatives to try to discourage people from dropping litter, including installing extra bins, giving away pocket ashtrays, organising community clean ups and warning people they face fines of up to £150 if they don’t clean up their act.

Fixed penalty notices

The council’s environment warden’s and local Police Community Support Officers have the power to issue fixed penalty notices (FPN’s) for littering and dog fouling in Swale.

There are dedicated officers patrolling problem areas and handing out FPN’s to people caught littering or failing to clean up after their dogs.

Fixed Penalty Notice FAQ

Read questions and answers about FPN's.

Deep cleans

Read more information on our when deep cleans are happening.
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