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Views needed for corporate plan

Published Monday 4 December, 2023
Last updated on Thursday 22 February, 2024

People are being asked their views on Swale Borough Council’s (SBC) ambitions and priorities for the next four years.

On Wednesday 29 November 2023 the council’s policy and resources committee agreed for the draft corporate plan to go out to consultation.

This identifies five priority themes the council wants to focus on to deliver improvements across the borough. The themes are:

  • community – to enable Swale’s residents to live, work and enjoy their leisure time safely in the borough and to support community resilience
  • economy – working with the council’s businesses and community organisations to work towards a sustainable economy which delivers for local people
  • environment – to provide a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable and enjoyable environment and to prepare the borough for the challenges ahead
  • health & housing – to aspire to be a borough where everyone has access to a decent home and improved health and wellbeing
  • running the Council – working within the council's resources to proactively engage with communities and outside bodies to deliver in a transparent and efficient way

Each theme has identified actions for the council to work on to deliver their vision for the borough.

Cllr Tim Gibson, leader of the council, said:

“We have worked incredibly hard on our draft corporate plan which sets out our ambitions and priorities for the next four years.

“It builds on what we have learnt from the past and sets out what we plan to focus on in the future.

“The draft corporate plan identifies key areas we want to address to improve the lives of local people but is also realistic about what we can do by ourselves.

“We believe the priorities in this plan, on homes, on jobs, on health, on social inclusion, on the environment and on our partnerships with the voluntary sector, are exactly the ones the council most needs to focus on if its efforts to improve the lives of residents in our borough are to be effective.

“It is important that we get your feedback, as this will be the blueprint we follow for the next four years.”

The consultation ends on 25 January 2024.

Read the draft corporate plan and have your say here:

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