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Disabled parking bays

Introduction to disabled parking bays

There are two types of disabled parking bay:

  • enforceable which includes signage stating 'Disabled Badge Holders Only'
  • advisory which doesn't include signage

We usually install advisory bays to begin with.

If there are continuous problems with drivers that don’t hold a blue badge parking in the bay, we may change it to an enforceable one instead.

Changing a disabled parking bay from advisory to enforceable can take up to 12 months. Once it’s changed we’ll put a sign up that allows us to enforce the bay.


There’s no charge for installing a disabled parking bay or removing an existing one.


A disabled parking bay isn’t just for you. Anyone with a blue badge can use a disabled parking bay.

How long it takes

It takes up to about three months to install a disabled parking bay or remove an existing one.