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Following the government's announcement on Monday 4 January 2021, you must follow national lockdown guidelines. For more information, visit GOV.UK. For information about changes to our services, visit our coronavirus section.

Disabled parking bays

Ask us to remove an existing bay

Use this service to ask us to remove an existing disabled parking bay that’s not being used, including where someone’s moved away.

Before you get started

To ask us to remove an existing disabled parking bay, you’ll need to email our engineering team at You’ll need to include the:

  • address of the property that the bay’s outside of
  • reason you think the bay should be removed

For alternative ways to send us your request, including by post, you can visit our contact us page.

What happens next

Once we’ve received your request we’ll:

  • assess it
  • run a public consultation for up to three weeks

If there are no objections then the bay may be removed.

It can take up to three months to remove an advisory bay and up to 12 months to remove an enforceable one.

If your request is successful, we’ll add it to our existing work schedule.