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Your bin collections will remain the same this bank holiday Monday, 27 May. Our offices at Swale House, Sittingbourne, Alexander Centre, Faversham and Sheppey Gateway, Sheerness, will be closed.

Scrap metal dealers

Guidance Notes - Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964

1. Do I need to register with the Council?

A person may only carry on the business of a Scrap Metal Dealer in Swale if he/she is registered under the above Act. The business of a Scrap Metal Dealer includes any of the following:

2. What do the terms 'business as a scrap metal dealer', 'scrap metal' and a 'scrap metal store' mean?

3. What is kept in the register?

4. What if I should register but fail to do so, or if I fail to inform the Council about any changes in the 'appropriate particulars?

5. What records do I need to keep?

6. How long does the registration last for?

For more information please contact Customer Services Team.

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