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Parking Permits

Parking permits are available in the residential areas of Swale where on-street parking is limited. The scheme aims to reduce casual, commuter parking and improve parking availability for local residents.

Once a permit has been applied for, it may take up to seven working days to receive your permit. You will need to make alternative arrangements to park during this time.

If you want to park in a bay, within a resident parking zone, you will need to apply for a permit.

Proof of address is required as well as proof that your vehicle is registered to your address. Examples of both are:

Proof of address

Proof of vehicle

There will be signs in the zone to confirm the parking restriction(s) and advise how long you can stay before either moving your car or displaying a valid permit.

Permits are charged at £45.00 each. The charge covers admin and civil parking enforcement costs associated with operating the scheme. A permit holder is not guaranteed a space. Visitor parking vouchers are available and sold in booklets of ten, chargeable at £11.00 each. Up to two booklets may be purchased each month.


Please note: parking within the following roads is only permitted for vehicles displaying either a valid Zone B permit or a valid 1 hour parking voucher (a maximum of two vouchers may be displayed at any one time, permitting parking up to 2 hours): Newton Road, Saxon Road, Roman Road, Norman Road and Stone Street.

Time plates are put up in a permit zone verifying the relevant waiting restrictions. Non-permit holders are advised that visitor vouchers may be purchased locally to validate parking at:

Vouchers are charged at £1.10 each, or alternatively, books of ten vouchers are available at £10.00.

Local residents may purchase visitor parking vouchers directly from the Faversham District Office at Preston Street. Proof of residency will be required.


Parking permits are renewed every year. The onus to renew a permit before it expires rests with the holder.

Renewals may be completed and paid for over the phone by calling Customer Services on 01795 417850. Alternatively, for customers who can only pay by cash, a Pay Point letter may be obtained at the Alexander Centre which will enable payment to be made via a local retailer.

Renewed permit(s) should be received within seven days.

Change of vehicle

A new permit must be obtained in the event of a change of vehicle and will be issued free of charge for the unexpired period of the original permit, subject to one change in any one permit period; additional changes will be subject to a charge of £10.00.

Any change of vehicle must be notified to the civil enforcement office immediately. Evidence of the updated V5 registration document or insurance documents are required to issue a new permit. The old permit must be returned, otherwise there will be a charge of £10.00.


If a permit is lost, stolen or destroyed the holder shall notify the Council immediately and the permit shall cease to be valid. An application form for the issue of a replacement permit will be sent on request. A permit will be issued for the unexpired period of the original permit and an administration charge of £10.00 will be made.

To submit an application, contact Customer Services by calling 01795 417385

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