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Alley gates

Get a key

Use this service to buy a key for an existing alley gate including if you’ve:

  • moved into Swale and you’re in a gated area
  • lost or damaged your key and need a replacement
  • already got a key but you need spares

You’ll automatically receive an alley gate key if a new gate is installed in your street.

You’ll need to pay £23.30 for additional or replacement keys.

You won’t need to pay if you’ve moved and your new address is in a gated street.

Before you get started

To buy a new or replacement alley gate key, you’ll need proof of address which can include a utility or Council Tax bill or a tenancy agreement.

To buy an alley gate key, you'll need to contact:

What happens next

We’ll issue you with an alley gate key immediately once you’ve confirmed your address.

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