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Housing Register

Join the register

You may be able to join the housing register if you’re looking for social housing and you have:

  • lived in Swale four out of five years
  • an income under £35,000 and capital under £50,000
  • no fraud convictions
  • a housing need, for example you’re overcrowded where live now

We may still consider your application if you’re in rent arrears, as long as there’s an acceptable repayment plan in place and you’ve been sticking to it.

Joining the housing register doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a home.

If you’re homeless or about to be made homeless, you should visit our homelessness advice page instead.

To join the housing register, you should take a pre-assessment online.

After you’ve joined

Once you’ve joined the housing register, you’ll need to find a home that suits your needs and bid on it.

Once you’ve placed a bid on a property, we’ll check your application and consider your circumstances. If your bid is successful, we’ll invite you to view the property.