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Housing Register

In Swale, we don't offer council housing. All social homes are owned by Housing Associations. We do manage the Housing Register and it is through this that you are able apply for available properties.

To apply to join the register please complete an online application form available on the Kent HomeChoice website. If you are unable to complete the form online please contact the Housing Options team.

Once you are a registered applicant you can see the full range of available homes and can bid (express an interest) for any home you are matched to (e.g. a single person would not be eligible for a three-bedroom house, only a one bedroom property).


The Kent HomeChoice website allows applicants, and existing social housing tenants looking to move, to apply for available properties.

You can bid in 5 ways:

There are instructions on how you can bid by viewing the Kent HomeChoice Scheme guide.

Available social housing

If a property is advertised, and is suitable, you must place a bid on that property before we can consider you for it. View our Allocations Policy for further information and guidance. Our Housing Allocations Policy leaflet will give information about the criteria that applicants have to meet to be able to join the Housing Register.

Once all the bids have been received the property will be offered to the person who is in the highest band (highest priority) and has been waiting the longest.

If your bid is successful, we will contact you either by phone or letter to arrange for you to visit the property as soon as possible.

If your bid is unsuccessful, it is likely that the successful bid was from an applicant who was in either a higher band or in the same band as yourself but has been waiting longer for housing.

Please note:

It is important that you keep us informed of any changes to your circumstances so that your housing application is up to date. This can include people moving in or out of your household, changes to medication and/or symptoms which you feel is affected by your current housing or if you receive support from other agencies such as Social Services or change of address or contact number. 

You can notify us of a change in your circumstances by contacting us or by logging onto the Kent Homechoice website and completing a change of circumstances form.

If you have rent outstanding and are a current, or previous housing association tenant, you will not normally be offered accommodation. If you want to move, it is important that you are up to date with the rent.

Mutual Exchange

Kent Homechoice provides a free website for Housing Association tenants who are looking to swap their homes.

Simply register your details on the Exchange Locata website and once approved, you will be given a unique reference number. Your property will then be advertised on the website and you will be able to search for homes in Kent and elsewhere.

Once you find someone you want to swap with, you can download application forms from the site and apply to your landlord / Housing Association. Remember, you will need permission from your landlord before you can exchange. For further advice or information about this scheme please contact your landlord.


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