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Limited waiting bays

Request a bay

Use this service if you’re a resident or a business and you want to request a limited waiting bay.

To request a limited waiting bay, you’ll need to complete a petition that shows that the majority of residents or businesses that would be affected by it are in favour.

Once you’ve completed your petition, you’ll need to email it to the democratic services team at You’ll need to include your:

  • name and address
  • contact details

For alternative ways to send us your petition, including by post, you can visit our contact us page.

What happens next

Once you’ve sent us your petition, we'll present it to the Swale Joint Transportation Board who will make their recommendations. If the bay's considered achievable by the Board, we’ll run a public consultation to ask for comments or objections, which will be reported back to the Board for further consideration.

If your request is successful, we’ll add the bay to our existing schedule of work.

It can take up to 12 months to get the bay installed.

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