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House in Multiple Occupation

Chapters in this topic

  1. Introduction
  2. Apply and pay
  3. Renew
  4. Change
  5. Appeal


You’ll need a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence if you’re a landlord or property manager and your property is:

  • not self-contained
  • occupied by five or more people, including children, who aren’t related, married, in a civil partnership or living together as if they’re married
  • the occupants share things like a kitchen or bathroom between them

You’ll need a separate licence for each property.

A HMO licence lasts for five years.

You’ll need to maintain the property. You can read information for private landlords for more information.


You’ll need to pay £838.35 for a HMO licence or £715.15 if you’re an accredited landlord.

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