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Request footage

We store footage from our CCTV System for 28 days from the date of recording.

If you’re requesting footage, you should submit your request within 21 days of an incident.

You can email if you:

  • believe you have been recorded by our CCTV system and you want to see the footage
  • represent an insurance company and you need to see CCTV footage relating to an incident

You'll need to pay £88.85 to request CCTV footage.

You can pay online. You'll need:

  • a credit or debit card
  • the name and address of the company, if you're requesting footage on behalf of someone else

What happens next

We will deal with your request within 5 working days.

If we can give you the footage you’ve asked for you will have to attend our control centre with the relevant ID .

We might edit the footage to protect the identity of other people.

We may refuse your request if:

  • sharing the footage will put a criminal investigation at risk.
  • the footage relates to a crime and the Police have the footage. The Police will inform you if you can see it.
  • you want footage of a road traffic collision. Your insurance company will have to request it.

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