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Major Emergencies

What we do

We plan in advance to deal with the consequences of a major emergency by having a Major Incident Plan which helps us respond effectively.


The scale and duration of a major emergency may mean that public services can’t operate normally and they have to put in place special arrangements to deal with it.

Our main responsibilities during a major emergency are:

  • to look after people that are affected by it, which could include setting up a rest centres, to provide a safe place to go
  • to warn and inform everyone about it, including information from other organisations·

We will warn and inform people in a number of ways, including through our website, social media or even door to door.


After a major incident, known as the ‘recovery phase’, we’re likely to take the lead role in coordinating the process of rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating the community which can involve financial, physical and emotional concerns.

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