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Following the government's announcement on Monday 4 January 2021, you must follow national lockdown guidelines. For more information, visit GOV.UK. For information about changes to our services, visit our coronavirus section.

Public spaces protection orders

Dog fouling

You’ll receive a fine if your dog fouls and you don’t clear it up immediately.

The Public Spaces Protection Order - Dogs on Lead and Dog Exclusions 2020 (PDF 624kb) enforces this.

Applies to

This Public Spaces Protection Order applies to any land which we’re responsible for including:

  • land which is open to the air in any way
  • land which the public can have access to with or without paying
  • public footpaths
  • grass areas beside a public pathway


This order doesn’t apply if you:


You’ll receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £100 if your dog fouls and you don’t pick it up immediately.