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Exceptional Hardship and Discretionary Reduction Payments

Apply for Exceptional Hardship payments

Use this service if you’re already receiving Council Tax Support, you’re still struggling to pay your Council Tax and you:

  • are already taking reasonable steps to reduce any unnecessary expenses or existing debts you have
  • aren’t in Council Tax arrears because you didn’t tell us about a change in your circumstances
  • aren’t applying for help to cover a previous year’s Council Tax arrears
  • don’t have other assets that could be used to pay your Council Tax arrears


If you have a joint Council Tax bill, the application must be made in joint names.

To apply for Exceptional Hardship payments, download, complete and return the application form (PDF 1.03MB). You’ll need:

  • details of your income and expenditure
  • to include an explanation of why you’re behind on your Council Tax payments

If you’re self-employed or the director of a private limited company, you’ll also need to provide details of your business, including accounts.

What happens next

Once you’ve made your application, we may request additional information to support it.

If your application is successful, we’ll tell you within 21 days.

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