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Rough sleeping

Rough sleeping is people sleeping, or bedded down, in the open air or in buildings or other places not designed for living in.

If you’re rough sleeping

If you’re rough sleeping call the Housing Options team.

You will have an assessment with a Homeless Officer who will look at all options for you.

Following this assessment if you are found to be homeless, eligible and in Priority Need we will find temporary accommodation for you.

If you are found to be homeless, eligible but not in Priority Need you will be referred to our dedicated Rough Sleeping Team.  They will physically come out to where you are rough sleeping and work with you to help you to secure accommodation.

Report rough sleeping

If you seen someone rough sleeping and you think that they’re, in immediate danger or in need of urgent medical help, call 999.  If you think the person is under 18 please contact the police.

If you’ve seen someone rough sleeping you can contact Porchlight or StreetLink.

All reports are forwarded to our Rough Sleeper Team to locate and support the individual.

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol comes into force when there’s a forecast that temperatures will fall to 0°C or lower.

If the Severe Weather Emergency protocol has been activated we’ll make sure that any individual rough sleeping is safe and in a shelter.