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Make a Request for Environmental Information


The Environmental Information Regulations allows people to request environmental information from us.  This is separate to your right under Freedom of Information.

Environmental information can include:

  • information on biodiversity
  • data on emissions or pollution
  • information about land development
  • information on waste management
  • policies or work that we carry out that’s likely to have an effect on the environment

There is a wide range of environmental information that we record and hold and you can request this under the Environmental Information Regulations.

We provide free access to a wide range of information through:

  • Our website (see suggested web pages below)
  • Access to any public registers which we hold

Can we charge a fee?

In some circumstances we can charge a fee for making the information available.  Charges may cover:

  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Staff time identifying, locating or retrieving the information

Any charge must be reasonable and must not exceed the cost of producing the information.

We cannot charge for allowing access to a public register or inspection of the requested information or where there is no cost to the Council in providing the information to you.

When a charge is involved, where possible we will suggest alternative information that may be of interest to you or ways to refine your request that could reduce the fee.

If a charge is to be made, we’ll issue you with an invoice and will provide you with the requested information upon payment of the fee.

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