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Get advice for residents and businesses following the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, including guidance on making your business COVID-secure.

Contact the Housing Options Team

Housing and homelessness advice

If you think you’re going to be made homeless within the next 56 days or you’ve already been made homeless and have nowhere to go, you should contact our Housing Options team. If you need to speak to someone urgently you can also call the Housing Options team on 01795 417485 at the following times:

If you’re homeless outside of these hours, you can call 01634 304400.

Homelessness advice

If you're homeless or threatened with homelessness, we can help.

We'll always try to prevent you from becoming homeless in the first instance. The sooner you speak to us the more likely we’ll be able to help prevent you from becoming homeless.

There are lots of services to help you to stay in your current home, including help with financial difficulties, tenancy matters or relationship breakdown.

If staying in your current home isn't an option, we can help you look for a new home or other alternatives. Living in the South East is expensive and can be difficult. To find out where you could afford to live use the House price calculator.

Guides and advice

Guides and advice We suggest that you understand your rights in relation to housing and your specific situation. There are a number of local and national guides that could be helpful if:

Duty to refer

If someone from anywhere in the council thinks you’re at risk of being made homeless we may refer you to our Housing Options Team who can provide you with advice and support. Other authorities are also responsible for sharing your information with us, with your consent, if they think you’re at risk of being made homeless, known as a duty to refer, including:

Making a referral

If you’re a professional organisation like a prison, Jobcentre or hospital, you can refer someone to us using our contact form.

Alternatively, you can email our Housing Options team at You’ll need to include the person’s:

You can read the government's guide to the duty to refer for more information, including:

Rough sleeping

Rough sleeping is people sleeping, or bedded down, in the open air or in buildings or other places not designed for living in.

If you’re rough sleeping

If you’re rough sleeping call the Housing Options team on 01795 417485 to arrange an appointment for you to come in and discuss your options.

Report rough sleeping

If you’ve seen someone rough sleeping and you think they’re in immediate danger or in need of urgent medical help, call 999.

If you’ve seen someone rough sleeping and you’d like to tell someone you can contact Porchlight.

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol

The Severe Weather Emergency Protocol comes into force when there’s a forecast that temperatures will fall to 0°C or lower. If the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol has been activated we’ll make sure that any rough sleepers are safe and in a shelter. We’ll also notify all partner agencies and put notices on the internet, as well as share this information on social media.

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