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Retailer Shop Radio System - Swale Link

Reporting an incident

This advice is for members of the Swale Link scheme.

If you’ve asked someone to leave your premises because of anti-social behaviour or because a crime has been committed, such as shop lifting, you should report it.

You can report an incident by:

Using the radio

When you report an incident using the Swale Link radio, you should:

  • provide an accurate description of the person
  • be brief – provide only essential information
  • speak clearly
  • say ‘over’ at the end of your radio conversation

If you urgently need to get a message to other Swale Link users, say “priority” at the beginning of your radio message.

If you’re trying to reach another Swale Link radio user, use their call sign.

You should keep the radio volume to a minimum to help avoid any radio conversations being overheard.

When you use your Swale Link equipment, don’t:

  • swear or use inappropriate language
  • use your Swale Link radio for private conversations
  • check your Swale Link radio is working during busy times

If you swear or use abusive language we may remove you from the Swale Link scheme.

Providing a description

When you report an incident, remember to include:

  • their gender, nationality and age
  • physical description (for example, build and height)
  • any distinguishing marks such as tattoos
  • hair colour
  • a description of their clothes
  • whereabouts they’re going next after leaving your premises

Describing nationality

If the person is:

  • white, describe them as IC1
  • dark skinned europena, describe them as IC2
  • afro caribbean, describe them as IC3
  • asian, describe them as IC4
  • east asian, describe them as IC5

If you can’t describe their nationality using any of these codes, use IC6.

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