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Retailer Shop Radio System - Swale Link

Join the scheme

To join Swale Link, you’ll need to pay your fee online.

If you're paying for full membership, we recommend that you register for the Swale Link website too as detailed below.

To apply by phone, please call 07922420511.

If you have any queries, please email

Register for the Swale Link website

To register for the Swale Link website, email

We’ll send you an email which helps verify your account. You’ll need to follow the instructions in the email before we can approve your Swale Link account.

Installing the radio equipment

Swale Link’s radio equipment is battery powered so you will need to plug it in to charge it.

A typical charge can last around up to 3 days.

After you’ve joined

If your application to join Swale Link is successful, you’ll:

  • receive training on how to use Swale Link’s radio equipment
  • receive a copy of the membership agreement
  • need to keep a record of each individual within your organisation who operates Swale Link’s radio equipment
  • be expected to comply with the exclusion notice scheme

As a member of Swale Link, each individual who operates the radio equipment must comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. For more information, download our membership pack.