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Council Tax Support

From 1 April, how much Council Tax support we pay is changing for people of working age. For more information, read our press release.

Before you apply

Council Tax Support is a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you pay.

If you live on your own, you may be entitled to a single person discount.

You can apply for Council Tax Support if you:

  • are on a low income or already claiming benefits
  • own or rent your home
  • already pay Council Tax
  • have less than £10,000 in total capital

You can also claim Council Tax Support if you, or your partner:

  • are of pension age
  • have less than £16,000 in savings, unless you or your partner receives Guaranteed Credit

What you’ll get

We’ll work out how much Council Tax Support you’ll get based on:

  • the total income of your household
  • the number of adults and children living in your house
  • whether you’re receiving any other benefits

You can visit GOV.UK to see which benefits you may be entitled to, including Council Tax Support.

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