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Order and replace bins and sacks


In Swale, we collect:

  • general household waste that can’t be recycled in green bins
  • recyclable household waste in blue bins
  • food waste in black and orange food waste bins

If you need garden waste collected regularly, you can get a brown bin by subscribing to our garden waste collection service.

You can also arrange to have clinical waste like used stoma bags, dressings and medical needles collected in special sacks and bins.

Green, blue and food waste bins

You can continue to use green and blue bins if you’ve moved into a property and the previous occupiers left them behind.

If you’ve moved into a new housing development and your property doesn’t have a green, blue and food waste bin, you may need to contact the property developer.

If your property doesn't have blue or green bins and you don't order them, you could receive a fine.

Garden waste

You’ll need to pay £45 each year for your garden waste subscription.

If you subscribe to garden waste collections, we’ll collect your garden waste every two weeks. You’ll need to check the date of your first collection when you subscribe.

Needles and clinical waste

If you want us to collect things like stoma bags, dressing or medical needles, you’ll need:

  • a sharps box for needles
  • a special yellow waste bag for things like used stoma bags and dressings

If you don't have a sharps box or yellow waste bags already, you'll need to get them from your GP or a pharmacy to begin with.

Once your sharps box or yellow bags are full, we can arrange to have them collected.

New housing developments

If you’ve moved into a new housing development, the property developer should provide you with a green, blue and food waste bin if your property:

  • has just been built and was previously unoccupied
  • doesn’t have any bins

If the property developer doesn’t provide you with a green, blue and food waste bin, you can order a set of bins from us. You’ll need to pay £109.40 to order a set of bins from us.

If you order a set of bins from us, you'll receive a:

  • 180 litre green bin for general household waste
  • 240 litre blue bin for recycling
  • 23 litre orange and black bin for food waste including a 5 litre kitchen caddy

If there's six or more people living at your property, you may receive a 240 litre green bin instead of a 180 litre one.