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Local Plan Review Evidence

Economy and employment

Evidence we've gathered relating to the economy and employment in Swale for the local plan review.

Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment

A Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment (PDF 2.4MB) for Swale Borough Council and appendices (PDF 4.8MB).

The Swale Retail & Leisure Needs Assessment - 2023 Retail Capacity Update (PDF 1.91MB). This is an addendum to the Swale Retail and Leisure Needs Assessment, 2018.

Swale Employment Land Review

The Swale Employment Land Review (PDF 7.96MB) (ELR) provides the evidence for the employment policies and site allocations that will support future economic development in the Borough. It's a technical evidence document that will be used, along with other evidence, to inform the preparation of the local plan.

The study:

  • evidences the scale and quality of new land needed to support the borough’s growth over the period 2016 to 2038, to cover the current and next plan period
  • reviews the quality and quantity of the Borough’s existing employment stock
  • assesses the future demand for and supply of employment land
  • assesses the suitability of sites, whether existing, permitted or proposed for future employment land
  • identifies sites which are unlikely to be needed by the market or are now unsustainable for employment development
  • helps to develop appropriate future policies and proposals for strategic planning

This document was agreed by the local plan panel to be part of the local plan's evidence in September 2018.