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Local Plan Review Evidence


Evidence we've gathered relating to landscape in Swale for the local plan review.

Swale Important Local Countryside Gap Study, January 2021

Following a steer from member on potential housing allocations (Local Plan Panel of 30 October 2020), a study was commissioned from consultants LUC to independently review the land around the settlements of Faversham and Teynham (PDF 39MB) within the context of identifying ‘Important Local Countryside Gap’ designations to safeguard the open and undeveloped character of the land between settlements and to guard against coalescence.  The study did not review existing ‘Important Local Countryside Gaps’ as they were already found to be sound at the local plan examination for the adopted 2017 Local Plan (Bearing Fruits) and there have been no significant changes in circumstances or government policy to justify a review.

The item was reported to the Local Plan Panel on 19th January 2021

Swale Landscape Sensitivity Assessment

As part of evidence preparation for the Local Plan Review, the Council worked with consultants LUC, in the preparation of a Swale Landscape Sensitivity Assessment (PDF 37MB). This assessment considers the landscape implications of possible residential and employment extensions to Swale’s main settlements, including larger villages.

This item was reported to the Local Plan Panel on the 27th November 2019 where the panel agreed to note the findings of the assessment.

Local Landscape Designation Review

In 2017/2018 a review of the Local Landscape Designation was undertaken by consultants, LUC, to inform the Swale Local Plan Review.  The Swale Local Landscape Designation Review and Recommendations can be found here.

This review was reported to Swale’s Local Plan Panel Agenda and Minutes where its recommendations were agreed. Following this, Statements of Significance for each of the recommended Local Landscape Areas were drawn up. You can download the:

Previous Land

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