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Local Plan Review Evidence

Open space, sport and recreation

Evidence we've gathered relating to open space, sport and recreation in Swale for the local plan review.

The Borough's open space, sport and recreation provision

The Open Spaces and Play Area Strategy (2018-2022) (PDF 268KB) and the Playing Pitch Strategy (2015-2025) (PDF 662KB) are adopted strategies based on robust and up-to-date assessments of the Borough’s open space, sport and recreation provision. They both form part of the evidence base for the Local Plan Review with regard to the provision of open space, sport and recreation facilities required as a result of new development.

Open Spaces technical assessment

The Open Spaces Technical Assessment report (PDF 2MB) considers the supply and demand issues for open space provision across the Borough

Strategic Future Needs and Growth Scenarios

The Strategic Future Needs Report (PDF 169KB) and the Growth Scenarios report (PDF 199KB) consider the potential requirements for open space, sport and recreation provision for a number of growth scenarios being considered as part of the Local Plan Review.